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Is Your Child Struggling with Math?

Alexander Tutoring and Unfold Psychology are teaming up to ensure your student has the comprehensive academic support they need too succeed.

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I found Dr. Heafey and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to start working with him. He has an uncanny way of understanding and initiating discussion around topics that I typically swerve to avoid.

- Roya Habibi

About Dr. Austin Heafy

R. Austin Heafey, M.A., Psy D.

Proudly serving the San Francisco Bay area

Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a focus on Children, Adolescents, and Psychological Assessment, practicing in Oakland’s Montclair Village and Pacific Heights, in San Francisco.

“Throughout our time together, Austin has impressed me deeply and consistently as a compassionate, dedicated, inventive and intelligent therapist.”

- Nick Nelson, MBBS

Dr. Gerard Chambers, Psy.D., Ph.D

Unfold Psychology Is Proud To Welcome Dr. Chambers!

His in depth experience as a neuropsychologist is a true asset to every citizen of the bay area who demand to be treated by the very best of healthcare providers available.

“We’re amazingly lucky to have Dr. Chambers in this area.  He’s eminently qualified, extremely kind and compassionate, personable, and his work is top notch.”

- J B., Belmount CA

Meet Sammy!

My trusted companion is here to support you in fostering a deep sense of safety and comfort during stressful situations that can arise during sessions and help with alleviating fear and anxiety.

Two days a week, you can find Sammy in my office, happy to be here and eager to improve your day. I encourage you to ask me what days my little buddy and I work in my office as a team.

Learn how Sammy helps!