"I was always struck by his able willingness to use
what he needed in his session with clients."

Dr. Helen Shoemaker
Holy Games Counceling Psychology Programs


Growth is always possible.

Our sessions grant you the freedom to experiment, make mistakes, and find healing. We work from the root of your challenges to help you face them head on.

My evidence-based multidisciplinary approach often incorporates elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and forms of play and art therapy into our one-on-one discussions.

If you come to me for treatment, begin feeling better in 2 or 3 months, then find you need support 6 months down the line– my channel is always open. Text, video, and phone calls make me available to support you and your family both in and out of session.


Sammy is the Unfold therapy dog.

My trusted companion works with me to help alleviate fear, quell anxiety and improve your day.

Sammy is here to support you in fostering a deep sense of safety and comfort during the stressful situations that can arise during sessions.

Two days a week, you can find Sammy in my office, happy to be here and eager to help. If you or your child are apprehensive about therapy, I encourage you to ask me what days my little buddy and I work in my office as a team.

Learn more about Sammy!

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