Life is often tolerable and predictably tolerable. There are times, however, when external pressures overwhelm our coping strategies. When this occurs, emotions and stress become difficult to face alone.

In working with Adults, Parents or Older Adolescents, I like to first establish goals for therapy. While it can be inferred the hope is always to ‘feel better,’ in my opinion, patients engaging in psychological treatment should expect more from their treatment team.

For this reason, I approach my clients from a bio-psychosocial treatment modality. In essence, this means I do explore all influences which may bring about changes in behavior and/or mood: biological, psychological and social. The specific causes of emotional dysregulation are unique for every patient, and thusly require a highly individualized treatment approach.

If you have any additional questions about techniques, the therapeutic atmosphere or even curiosity about ‘fit,’ I encourage you to give me a call. I am happy to jump on the phone and have a candid discussion about how I might be able to help. If I do not think I can provide you with the most comprehensive treatment, I will work to help you find a provider who will – I understand how difficult it can be to go through life with fear. Fear of your own ability to function, fear of your capability to achieve your own goals, and fear of how any changes in your own emotions and behavior may impact your family. Addressing these concerns in an accepting, non-judgmental environment is critical for catharsis and long term treatment success.

Real-Time Family Support – Concierge Services
Ongoing Support in real time, is another service I offer. While tremendous work occurs during the session, sometimes parents need extra help. Take the following example: you come home from work, and learn that your son or daughter was caught vaping at school, and you would like to talk to a professional before you engage them, to ensure you are doing it appropriately.

Another common referral questions typically surrounds video games and video game usage. As parents, video games are not something typically around when you were growing up. This makes it difficult to relate or even decide what is the best way to address video games with your child or adolescent. When you work with me, you are not just able to, but encouraged to reach out whenever something comes up you would like extra support for. If my schedule permits, I will routinely join IEP meetings or hop on the phone with school staff to discuss ways to provide ideal care and support. When you work with me, I encourage regular check ins, in between sessions. This can be accomplished through text messages initially, and if needed, follow up phone calls. There are times when families will want me to come their homes, to help them better manage an especially ‘intense’ behavioral concern – if I am able to, I will also offer the appropriate degree of support I believe the specific need requires.