Psychological Assessments

It is not uncommon for parents, or children, to feel overwhelmed by the very prospect of ‘testing,’ At Unfold Psychology, we meet your child where they are.

and spend time to clarify the point and purpose of the testing. It is not uncommon for a comprehensive assessment to be spread out and integrated into therapy. What this does is remove the two most detrimental variables which will cloud any outcome data: stress and fear. Our goal is to engage our clients in order to invite their participation. This method elicits the most accurate and reliable data, so that your family and you can make the best decisions going forward. 

When Are Assessments Needed?

A neuropsychological evaluation should be conducted in any of the following situations:

  • If your child is struggling in school or on standardized tests
  • When there is a large disparity between a child’s potential or effort and his or her academic performance
  • When a child displays difficulties with learning or memory
  • When it is unclear why a child is struggling
  • When a child has any history of neurological difficulty
  • When a child has a history of developmental delay (e.g. delayed language or motor activity)
  • If a child has suffered a traumatic brain injury
  • If a child has suffered any toxic exposure (e.g. lead poisoning, alcohol)
  • To document any changes in a child’s abilities or achievement since prior evaluations

Potential Benefits

  • Discover the causes of your child’s academic struggles
  • To determine whether your child qualifies for accommodations on standardized tests such as the SAT or GRE
  • Determine whether your child qualifies for special education services
  • Gain a greater understanding of your child’s learning style and explain it to school staff
  • Obtain recommendations that will help your child learn to compensate for any difficulties
  • Assess the effectiveness of treatments and interventions
  • Determine whether academic difficulties are due to cognitive or motivational deficits
  • You may find it helpful to make an appointment with one of our tutors, who will utilize the knowledge gleaned from neuropsychological evaluation to design tutoring strategies specifically tailored for your child’s learning style.