One-on-One Treatment

250 – 325$ per face to face hour

This includes up to 90 minutes of communications, text messaging or direct calls, in between sessions – each week. When the 90 minutes are exceeded, then the normal hourly billing rate applies.

All billing periods are rounded down.

Psychological, Psychoeducational and Court Ordered Assessments

When conducting a psychological assessment, prior to accepting the case, you will be told exactly what to expect. Every hour of work on the case (direct testing, collateral communications, analysis of the data and the hours spent writing up the results of the assessments) is billed at 300$.

While it is difficult to anticipate the exact number of hours a unique report may take, Unfold Psychology will provide you with a precise ‘range,’ including max billable amount – even if the report requires 100 extra man hours, if the bill has already reached the agreed upon maximum, you will receive no additional charges.

Our priority is to get our clients and their families the help they need, when
they need it! Most of the best therapists in the Bay Area recognize this, and
do not accept in-network insurance.

  • The providers who do take insurance, typically have very long waitlists.
  • They do not have any openings for new clients, leaving them without the help they need, when they need it.
  • The majority of the insurance companies require mental health diagnosis before they

extend coverage, and sometimes insurance companies have varying caps on the
coverage they provide for specific disorders (depression vs. anxiety etc.)
Insurance companies limit the degree and speed of care you can recieve, which is why we do
not accept it.

There are other way to get covered, specifically through a free service Unfold Psychology provides through Better (please contact us to learn more about this service)

Yes – HSA/FSA dollars (these are special dispensations you can use through your insurance for any kind of ‘health care’) are highly encouraged. They are a terrific option many insurance companies will offer their clients.

Out-of-network insurance benefits (it is not uncommon for your
insurance company to cover 20-60% of your therapy costs.

    • You will be provided with a superbill: this will have the applicable CPT codes, diagnosis and specifics of each encounter. With your superbill, you will be able to receive a percent of the money you have already paid.
    • Unfold Psychology is also sensitive to the added stress insurance companies often involve, as such we work with you and your insurance company to help you get the highest possible reimbursement rate possible.

Unlike 99% of every other doctor’s office, we are empathetic to the reality that life changes rather rapidly. Kids forget, they get sick, sometimes they just don’t feel like it… At Unfold Psychology we do not think it is appropriate to penalize your family. There are NO CANCELLATION FEES OR PENALTIES if your child or you miss a session. We do recommend you try to make the session up within a week, so that the tempo of the therapeutic treatment remains intact, but sometimes this is not possible. We also ask you to do everything you can to avoid missing sessions, and if you have to, please let us know with as much advance warning as possible: you can do this by call, text or email.

If you have any questions related to billing, please do not hesitate to reach out! We will provide you with superbills, every month, and are more than happy to speak with your insurance to discuss options.